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Recording Winter Sounds from Snowballs to Fireplace Audio

Join us today as the Sound Effects Podcast explores the cool side of recording winter sounds. A rare snow storm gently grazed our area overnight with the silent beauty of a few inches of snow. For sound designers and anyone...

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Recording Cooking Kitchen Audio Sounds – Part 2 of 2

Welcome everyone this is Part 2 of 2 in a very short series of podcast episodes recording cooking audio while in the kitchen. I hope your hungry because today the Sound Effects Podcast is serving up some tantalizing cooking and...

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Recording Kitchen Sound Effects while Prepping Food – Part 1 of 2

Today the Sound Effects Podcast goes into the kitchen recording audio while prepping a tasty dish for dinner! Grab a chair and pull up to the island because the SFX Ninja is serving up a sweet selection opening cans of beans,...

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