Being a Ninja in real life takes dedication, skill, and true mastery of the arts so if you enjoy working with audio and electronic music production then please keep reading. YOU have been chosen as an honored member of the SFX Ninja’s Clan of Sound Design. In order to begin your journey one must first grasp the concept of modern use of sound design in relation to that of ancient wisdom, tips, and techniques of the Ninja.


Chapter I – Terminology

  • Ninja-audiology is the study and practice of Sound Design by Way of the Ninja. Being “Ninja” when recording, mixing, making songs & loops, or any other aspect of electronic music editing means simply working with audio in any form with precision, mastery, and dedication. In order to attain your goal(s) with the project you are working you must comprehend the secret knowledge and wisdom of Chapters I, II, and III .
  • Clan of Sound Design is a highly coveted and time honored society of musicians, DJs, podcasters, audio & video producers, and folly artists just like you. Created for Ninjas by a Ninja the Sound Effects Podcast is a place of entertainment, knowledge, and community.

Chapter II – Ancient Wisdom and Philosophy

  • When the student is ready the teacher will appear. It is through careful study and audible dynamics of the human mind by Way of the Ear (see Chapter III) that you possess the critical elements key to your own success. By reading this YOU have been chosen. As a true honored member of the “Clan of Sound Design” SFX Ninja now bestows upon you the secret path in your journey of  Ninja-adiology.
  • If everything in life was easy there would be no need for dedication, perseverance or commitment. When mastering  a new song, batch of sounds or another bit of audio that just doesn’t feel like it is done.. then keep at it until it feels right. A true SFX Ninja will know the moment of final auditory completion.
  • When a microphone falls one must pick it up. In life there are many disappointments, obstacles, and people that hold you down. When the microphone goes thud just pick yourself up and continue recording. Stand up strong.. just because you are down does not mean that is where you will remain. Get up!
  • As you think, so shall you become. (Bruce Lee) In working with audio it is the same as silly putty in your hands. You must seek the path to create with the sounds and the effects will polish themselves from your vision.
  • Energy can not be created or destroyed it merely changes forms. Universal laws in nature and life beyond our understanding sometimes leave us with clues as to how things really work. Your microphone and field recordings will allow you to capture a moment in the time space continuum we call a sound. As a sound designer you will create the finished effect for each sound.

Chapter III – Secret Ways Of The Ninja

  • Way of the Ear – Primarily the Way of the Ear is practiced during the final stages of a Ninja’s recording process. It is taking the time, absolute focus, and dedication to not just hear audio but to intently listen for the fine details that only a member of the Clan of Sound Design would notice.
  • Way of the Tool – It is only when one has found the right tool that the desired sound will reveal itself. If you are looking to create SFX by folly try recording different angles, speeds, and sizes of the objects.When utilizing electronic hardware or software based platforms experiment with multiple variations of plugins, filters, and levels. What you hear may surprise you!
  • Way of the Seasons – A true SFX Ninja is keenly aware of the universal law of life evolving by way of many seasons as mother nature and father time enjoy slow dance of  weather four times a year. When recording it would be wise to seek out and observe what each day offers before a opportunity to record passes by for another year. Similarly the seasons and cycles of time will also come to pass.. An example – 10 years ago recording the sound of a dial up modem was common today it may be difficult to find.
  • Way of the Investor – Many times investing your time wisely can pay more dividends than your money. Be smart. Be alert. Beware the emerald green veil of consumerism that our society offers packaged as one size fits all in exchange for your time. You can buy stuff but you can not buy time. Invest in relationships and the ones you love. Have you ever thought of time spent with someone as an investment? The Way of the Investor can be interpreted many ways but it is the wise Ninja that will ponder many answers and envision the Matrix as a whole.


The SFX Ninja will teach you the Secret ways of Ninja-audiology. Simply by listening to the podcast you will learn valuable tips and tricks that can be applied to your path of any number of professions in the multimedia, sound design, music production industry. First and foremost you must have a passion for learning what you love to do.. If working with recording and audio is your thing then that means that you are totally AWESOME!! Thank you so much for listening!!! If you would like to learn more about the Sound Effects Podcast please check out the About page.