Recording Cooking Kitchen Audio Sounds – Part 2 of 2

Welcome everyone this is Part 2 of 2 in a very short series of podcast episodes recording cooking audio while in the kitchen. I hope your hungry because today the Sound Effects Podcast is serving up some tantalizing cooking and...

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Recording Kitchen Sound Effects while Prepping Food – Part 1 of 2

Today the Sound Effects Podcast goes into the kitchen recording audio while prepping a tasty dish for dinner! Grab a chair and pull up to the island because the SFX Ninja is serving up a sweet selection opening cans of beans,...

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Recording Clean Bathroom Sound Effects and Audio

Today the Sound Effects Podcast ventures into the bathroom recording the many little bits of audio we normally just take for granted. Most of us start the day off by heading to the bathroom, getting a shower, and taking care of...

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Recording Fireworks Audio on New Years

Recording the many exploding fireworks sounds and massive ambiance of the New Year amidst the chill of a deep winters midnight air requires a little bit of battling the elements but well worth it in the end. The audio and SFX you...

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Sound effects podcast website under way

Hello all readers and future listeners. The official Sound Effects podcast and website are now at the top of a to do list for the new year! 2013 is a new one for all of us and now that the world did not end 😉 it is time to set...

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