Creating the right Video Game Music is an essential element

Video game music in today’s gaming industry all but demands you be on the cutting edge as a sound designer. All gaming sounds and audio effects need to be on point. The level of intense graphics in today’s systems coming from the gaming industry all but demand better game music and sound effects. Video game music is an essential element for sound designers to focus on because today’s gamers see and hear it all.  Today in episode 009 of the Sound Effects Podcast we visit the musical side of the gaming industry and hear an example of how to add music to video game with sound effects laid out as a fictional video game. Any time your job as a sound designer and composer you may want to look for inspiration for the video game music that will match the visuals. If you are asking how to create video game music? This podcast episode is for you!

If wondering how to create gaming sounds or how to make game sound effects then check out episode 006. Listen to the combined mega-man package of audio from podcast episode 006 Creating Video Game Sound Effects with the almost 70 tracks of individual sounds. It was once said that “music is the emotion potion”. Music drives emotion and aids in the level intensity as well as how engaged gamers are at any point in the game. Your job as the composer or “audio artist” is to completely and totally immerse the gamer with music during game play. Hopefully you get some inspiration and a tip or two from this podcast if your working with any kind of a multimedia project that calls for music set to audio effects.

Composing the right video game music to match whats going on in the game takes a bit of creativity, imagination, access to a wide range of sound effects libraries, and some on the edge music loops / hardware! If the audio landscape of video game requires sci-fi sound effects for instance you may need to go a little heavier on effects and intensity. Adding the right beats, background ambiance, and well placed auditory cues lay the groundwork for some seriously intense video game music! This requires you as the sound designer to bring your A game. Utilizing the right audio editing software and looping programs can make your job a lot easier. Weather you are primarily a hardware or software based musician creating music for the gaming industry is easier than ever with all of the modern tools available.

Any time your working with audio and trying to maximize the players overall experience auditory sounds and cues help to do just that. As the sound designer you must utilize all of the sfx at your disposal and then some. Don’t be afraid to go out and do some old school folly recording. This is where you can really get the original sound-scape and effects needed to build your reputation an resume while doing what you love.. working with video games, making music, and sound effects for the gaming industry! Besides recording audio you can also get some serious hands on experience and majorly twisted audio (in a good way) for whatever video game or project you are working on.

Download Today’s Audio on The Free Sound Effects Page..

  • Game On – vocal samples
  • Game Over – vocal samples
  • Download the Vocal Samples (and more sfx from podcast 006) Free Video Game Sound Effects available from today’s podcast!



Resources, Links, and Credits for Today’s Podcast..

  • If you are interested in creating video game music or any kind of multi-track based music then check out Sony’s Acid Pro multi-track software for making music and also their audio editing software Sound Forge Pro 10.
  • The “video game music” created for this episode came from the Industrial Toolkit Methods of Mayhem sample CD by Sony.
  • Up for the challenge? Download the Video Games SFX track and create your own music..
  • Learn more about the sound effects used in today’s show and how they were created episode 006 Creating Video Game Sound Effects.
  • Credit for the featured image goes to Blake Patterson which I found on wikipedia and ironically he also has a podcast about video games called Touch Arcade.
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If you think you might be NINJA and are up for the Challenge from today’s podcast then Download the combined sound effects track and make your own video game music. Let me know what you create! I would love to post about your work and share it with the listeners!

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