Creating Video Game Sound Effects to add real Depth and Dimension

If your a big fan of video games AND sound effects then today’s show is right up your ally! The SFX Ninja brings the entertainment full on from the ground up in this episode of the Sound Effects Podcast by creating a complete auditory gaming sequence based on almost 70 tracks of audio. We kick things off first by reminiscing about old school NES, 16 bit SNES video game, and Sega game systems!! Then we move onto adding the “mic bonk” sound on a gas main audio clip from episode 005.. incorporating it as a background ambiance type of effect for the game. Next we paint an audio canvas into a complete encompassing landscape of MANY sounds. Listen as the dimension and depth of audio samples are combined to tell a story of a the video game sequence and character that the SFX Ninja built 😉 . Finally listen and learn as I share how some of the video games sounds were created and what they were recorded from.

Any time you are adding audio as the role of sound designer you need to bring your “A” game and really add as much depth and dimension as possible. Having a wide range of sound effects and ambiance to add can make your job a lot easier. So today’s show focuses on working with video game sounds from scratch. Listen carefully and try to train your ears to dissect movies, music, and video games that you play. This will seriously help to develop your skills as a sound designer. By dissecting and taking apart complex music and multimedia scenes in a video game sequence for example you will soon be building layers of sound and making the audio that turn a player’s gaming experience from just cool to HOLY $HIZNIT that was BAD A$$!!!! Just as critical as visuals the right choice of video game sound effects is like the other half of gamer’s experience.

As mentioned in the podcast time was running short but you can find and download the FREE Sound Effects here.

Download Today’s Audio on The Free Sound Effects Page..

  • Various Metal Sounds
  • A Dog Bark sound – a part of audio that was used to make the Monster Sound Effect
  • Sloshing walking in Water Sounds
  • Ambient Crickets and Cicadas audio
  • Some very cool sci fi type Lazer Sound effects
  • Download all 10 Free Video Game Sound Effects available from today’s podcast!

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