Download Free Christmas & Holiday Sound Effects – Podcast 21

Tis the season to be merry and to Download Free Christmas sound effects with today’s holiday special show 21 for all the listeners of the podcast. ๐Ÿ™‚ SFX Ninja is giving the gift of free Christmas, Xmas, and Holiday sound effects along with thanks. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all the pod-people listening to today’s show! First we start by recording the holiday Xmas sounds while opening and tearing wrapping paper on a present. These free unwrapping gift sounds were recorded last year about this time. Second we record two different metal bells as they avoid being tackled by the cat! Finally warm up by the fire and download a free clip of fireplace sounds crackling about the mantel with the stockings. Listen in as the SFX Ninja goes on the search for Christmas sounds high and low through several boxes of Christmas decorations, lights, bells, and an old electric train set from when I was a kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also join in the excitement, joy, and magic that this time of year brings to a humble family with three kids on Christmas morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ My friend and his wife were gracious enough to invite me over this Christmas day recording a magical moment in life that comes once a year as their kids found surprises under the tree.. Yes these were cool sound effects but not for download. You can download a lot of the free sounds from this weeks podcast episode 21 through the link below. Don’t forget to be thankful for the wonderful people in your life this Xmas. Having loved ones in your life during the holidays like good friends and family make you grateful so consider giving the gift of kindness. The gift of kindness and understanding from the heart will always come back to you. It may be in the form of a smile.. it may come back as cool seasonal sounds.. it may be in the form of changing someones life.. you just never know.

I was not able to catch a recording of Santa Clause with a microphone but did manage to get a couple funny vocal samples “Jingle Dis Santa” and “Jingle Balls” in this weeks Listener Call In segment. These free Christmas and holiday sounds are best found this time of year but if you really need these SFX or something similar keep an eye out for “Related Sound Effects” listed on each page of the free sound effects pages. I missed a couple of opportunities to record the bell ringers outside of the madhouses (mega shopping malls) but stay tuned.. I will have that for next Xmas!

You can check out and download all the free seasonal holiday & Christmas sound effects from today’s show on the Download Audio page. Listen to the free seasonal Christmas sounds by listening to today’s episode too. The royalty free soundsย  MAY NOT be resold in their present form. You MAY edit or pull individual sound effects from these sound clips and do with them as you like for commercial or non commercial purposes absolutely free. If you take the time as a sound designer by editing or pulling high quality sound effects out of these audio clips on the Free SFX page then you are free to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  If you edit these royalty free walking sound effects then they MAY be used for both private or commercial at no charge. Learn more about legal usage and full details with the free sound effects from today’s Podcast here. MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to everyone from SFX Ninja and the Sound Effects Podcast!! Thank you for listening to the podcast!! You guys rock!!


Download Today’s Free Christmas Sound Effects


Christmas Call To Action

Give the gift of kindness and love this Christmas! Anybody can buy a present but if you put a little thought and heart with that gift this Christmas it will be appreciated! Merry Christmas to everyone listening! Give a shout out and record a vocal sample or SFX for the Listener Call Ins and get featured on the show by clicking on the ORANGE tab on the RIGHT! Signup for the brand new Insider Newsletter and get the heads up on contests and giveaways before they are announced on the podcast! Thanks for listening you guys!