Download Free Fireplace Sound Effects & Audio Clips- Podcast 23

Hey whats up you guys?! Today’s show is all about the fireplace and the warm sounds despite the crisp cold weather outside 🙂 Download all of the free winter fireplace sound effects and fire sound clips from today’s Podcast! You can preview and listen to all of the free fireplace SFX on the Sound Effects Podcast found on the Download Audio page.. links are provided in today’s show notes below. If you need more fireplace sound effects or fire sound clips please let me know. If they are not on the site already I will dig into the special SFX Ninja archive of fireplace folly clips to get just what you need!

You can listen to and preview the free sound clips from today’s podcast on the Download Audio page. Check out the free fireplace hissing and slight roaring sounds by listening to today’s show before you download. The royalty free sounds  MAY NOT be resold in their present form. You MAY edit or pull individual sound effects from the sound clips found on the Free Sound Effects page ONLY. If you edit the royalty free fireworks sound clips on the Download Audio / Free SFX Page then they MAY be used for both private or commercial at no charge. Learn more about legal usage and full details about the free sound effects from today’s Podcast here. Be sure and stay safe this holiday season and record a few fire sounds of your own! 🙂

Sorry for the short episode today you guys.. Its been a stressful week full of attention demanding surprises! Next weeks show will be better!! 🙂 Hopefully everyone is off to a great start this year in 2015!! Being a SFX Ninja takes dedication and a love for the art of warm fireplace sound effects even on super cold days 🙂 If you like the podcast please drop me an email or call in a shout out for the show!


Download Today’s Free Fireplace Sound Effects


Any Ninjas Running Around With A Mic?

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