Download Free Fireworks Sound Effects Recorded New Years 2000 – Podcast 22

Join us today as we countdown the last moments on New Years Eve 2000 celebrating the dawn of a new year and the new century by recording free fireworks sounds! If you have been searching for a free download of fireworks sound effects like New Years Eve then you just found a real good one! πŸ™‚ This podcast is all about the sis BOOM bah of everything colorful coming from popping bottle rockets and cracking firecracker sound effects! Listen today as we step back in time about 15 years ago with a very special edition of the Sound Effects Podcast to the beginning of the new Millennium. In Podcast 22 we turn back the hands of time to New Years Eve 2000 with a rare glimpse from a city with a sound clip filled with all of the joy, anticipation, awe, raw ambiance, and fireworks as this special night unfolded.. Did I mention very loud fireworks sounds? You could hear huge fireworks, tiny firecrackers, and hissing sparklers both near and far! Yes as a sound designer even back then I was fortunate enough to have recorded this explosive night sky as the new year welcomed everyone with electric excitement! LOTS of fireworks as the night sky is lit up with the sound of BOOM and every color you can imagine!

The streets erupted with a sea of people joining in celebration as the crowd joyfully said Happy New Year among the distant sound of ship horns in the harbor!! The night started off with a BANG as the sky lit up with every car alarm within a 10 block radius joined in celebration at the dawn of a new year. People lit firecrackers and danced around with brightly colored hissing sparklers. Sometimes we forget that this time of year is not only about welcoming the new year but also a time of reflection. The start of a new year always presents a new canvas and the dawn of a new day because you can do anything you want.. you can make the next year even better than the last.. you can record more sound effects too πŸ™‚

Parental guidance is suggested for today’s show because of a couple of instances of strong language. If your a regular listener you know that this is very rare. After thinking on it a bit I left the fireworks sound clip because I felt it created an awesome ambiance and backdrop to a very special night. I am grateful to be able to share with you guys.. New Years Eve with the sky exploding in all its glory with thunderous booms and thousands of fireworks sound effects! πŸ™‚ You can download all the free fireworks sound effects, sound clips, and vocal samples by checking out the links below to the Download Audio page.

After playing the free New Years fireworks sounds for episode 22 we move onto the Listener Call in segment. Hear the free Listener Call In vocal samples on the podcast. Also check out this special bonus super very funny voice mail from my friend Henry on 2007. when a friend of mine called and left a very funny voice mail lol! You can download all this weeks free New Years Eve vocal samples but my friend Henry’s will not be there. A very special thank you to Henry for allowing me to share that with you guys! You are awesome man!

Unrelated but noteworthy: A couple of quick thank yous for new sounds I was able to record this weekend while I was out and about. Thank you to Jo at the flea market for letting me record the stun gun sounds (featured in an upcoming podcast this spring). A special thank you to Matt for letting me record sound effects in an antique shop that had plenty of very old and interesting sounds (will also be feature in an upcoming episode). Last but not least thank you to for the featured fireworks image.

You can preview and and hear the free sound effects from today’s show on the Download Audio page. Listen to the free New Years fireworks sounds by listening to today’s episode too. The royalty free soundsΒ  MAY NOT be resold in their present form. You MAY edit or pull individual sound effects from the sound clips found on the Free Sound Effects page ONLY. If you edit the royalty free fireworks sound clips on the Download Audio / Free SFX Page then they MAY be used for both private or commercial at no charge. Learn more about legal usage and full details about the free sound effects from today’s Podcast here. Be sure and stay safe this holiday season and record a few fireworks sounds of your own! πŸ™‚ HAPPY NEW YEARS from SFX Ninja and the Sound Effects Podcast!! πŸ™‚ Hopefully you guys are enjoying the podcast and I really appreciate you listening!


Download Today’s Free Fireworks Sound Effects


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