Download Free Ninja Fighting Sound Effects & Vocal Samples – Podcast 20

This week the SFX Podcast is kicking it with downloads of some free Ninja Fighting Sound Effects recorded while I was over at my friends house. When you were a kid did you ever imagine you were a ninja? Umm.. I did 🙂 Yes SFX Ninja was once a little ninja too and when your a kid making your own fighting sound effects while chasing imaginary bad guys out of your yard you make all kinds of pow, pishew, hiya, peyah, kapow, yah, ya pah pa, and wah sound effects! Check out this weeks episode recording session  with little Ninja Juda in episode 20 of the podcast as he totally goes off with some kicking punching and awesome fighting vocal samples and sound effects. Download these really cool free ninja sounds and ninja stars / knife throwing SFX. The sound clips from todays podcast could also be used for fighting MMA, Karate, boxing, or any Martial Arts sound effects you might need. Check out and download all of the free sounds from today’s weekly podcast show by clicking on the link below. If you liked the background music with the Ninja vocal samples and sounds check out SFX Ninja’s track “Black Ice” soundtrack on the free music page.


This weeks show also kicked off a new addition to the Sound Effects Podcast for listeners called the Listener Call In vocal samples and sound effects segment. You guys can download all of these free vocal samples on the Listener Call In page. If you like the show and want to be a part of the show Call In your vocal samples and SFX! Be sure to say who you are (DJ name, nickname, real name, its all good)!! Your samples will be featured on the podcast in an upcoming episode and you will be giving number 1 placement on the Listener Call in page until someone else calls in. Your vocal samples and SFX will be available for free download for all listeners so don’t forget to drop a shout out with who you are!! If you need to re-record you can do this as many times as you want, then preview the sounds before you send it in. Call in some Ninja clips too 🙂 Thanks you guys!


You can preview, listen, and then download all the free Ninja Fighting sound effects from all the shows on the Download Audio page. Listen to the free Ninja SFX by listening to today’s episode too. The royalty free sounds MAY NOT be resold in their present form. You MAY edit or pull individual sound effects from these sound clips and do with them as you like for commercial or non commercial purposes absolutely free. If you take the time as a sound designer by editing or pulling high quality sound effects out of these audio clips on the Free SFX page then you are free to do so. 🙂  If you edit these royalty free walking sound effects then they MAY be used for both private or commercial at no charge. Learn more about legal usage and full details with the free sound effects from today’s Podcast here.

Download Today’s Free Ninja Fighting Sound Effects


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