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EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT and a special thank you for listeners of the Sound Effects Podcast community. Now you can download high quality stock audio clips and royalty free sound effects every week with a new weekly sound effects series segment of the podcast!! This year 2014 and beyond the sheer volume of free sound effects will be seriously kicked up a notch with an ongoing sound effects series segment called “The real world of sound effects”. You’ve probably heard a lot of good free stock audio  that I’ve recorded and probably downloaded a lot of the free sound effects too. Starting this week all of you podcast listeners out there in podcast land “Pod People” yes you can now take advantage of an exclusive perk for regular listeners of the show.. a massive expanding collection of evolutionary stock audio in the form of royalty free sound effects you can edit, loop, and use for all of your projects.  Over the last year the Sound Effects Podcast has brought you the best in high quality royalty free sounds, sound designer tips, and free sound effects (the first year of the show) but now you can download royalty free sound effects every week!

With this new sound effects series I am challenging you to develop your skills, raise the bar for your goals, and make sound effects as a sound designer. Yes the SFX Ninja just laid down a challenge. The new tomorrow we face every day is here today. Editing sound clips and per-recorded stock audio give you in the realm of sound design a HUGE advantage when you hit the job market or venture off as a freelance artist. Your finely honed talent and skills can mean the difference between “Excellent! When can you start” and heading back out into the massive sea of your competition.  This new royalty free sound effects series is my contribution to you and a thank you for being part of our community. A wise teacher of mine used to say..

“There are two universal constants in nature. If something is not growing it is dying. If something is not contributing is is taking. As yourself two questions each day. What am I doing to grow? and What am I doing to contribute?”

Premium stock audio clips save you a TON of money! Not only do you save time and gas money but you also get access to many sound elements completely outside of you normal recording area.. save big on travel cost or seriously expensive high quality field recordings. If and I do mean IF you find a good solid source for sound clips and field recordings that you can do anything you want with like um.. make royalty free sound effects out of then that truly is a valuable resource to have. To Utilize and download royalty free sound effects from the podcast I only ask one thing. If you find these free sound effects useful then please place a backlink somewhere on your site or tell a friend. I am trying to grow the Sound Effects Podcast and bring the show to new heights for the new year. I need your help to do this so if you find value in or make sound effects please help support the podcast!

If your looking for great sound ideas of any kind and haven’t listened to today’s show yet your really in for a treat! As the mild mannered SFX Ninja ventured to the world of cheesy late night infomercials selling what else.. Funny Sound Effects – but WAIT THERES MORE!!! This one is FUNNY commercial! Lol The funny spoof commercial makes a unique pitch for all you sound designers out there 😉 I had a little fun with this show working with the massive number of crazy, wild, and funny royalty free sound effects that I created over the years. Episode 15 of the Sound Effects Podcast took me back to the beginning of my royalty free sound design and creation roots when I started recording field recordings back in the day. Over 400 individual sound effects were used for the spoof commercial. Thunder sounds, military sounds, many bell sound effects, bird sound clips, gun sounds, scary sound effects, bar sound effects, door sound effects, combat sound clips with the mic, impact sounds of all kinds, hospital sounds, metal junk smashing and scraping, jet plane idles loop, wind sounds, bathroom sound clips, science fiction sound effects, production elements, hot rod sound effects, individual sound effects, and yes even kind of a music bakery thing with solid spread of the best music loops. If you haven’t guessed already I love to create sound effects and thats why I am the SFX Ninja 😉


From the Funny SPOOF Commercial about Sound Effects in the show:

HI SFX Ninja here for SOUND EFFECTS! Royalty free sound effects have the power to.. They are faster than.. Quick clean up.. Make delicious.. Never miss a sound! The secret is.. the Sound Effects Podcast is the one source you don’t want to be without! Bad microphones don’t record. Mini recorders go silent with dead batteries! Tired of silent sound? PLUG in those headphones and hear the difference! Its important to understand that there are not ordinary sound clips.. Just listen to the podcast, check out the site, and download royalty free sound effects for FREE.. yes seriously!

Guys were gonna make sound effects exciting again! If I can do it you can do it! Its so easy! LOL Free sound effects are so diverse they are everywhere! Sounds great for making music.. web sites.. multimedia presentations.. video games.. the loops are great for making beats! One shots and short clips are great for button clicks! Made in USA! WOW sound effects are awesome! See now we’re gonna do this in real time.. see listen to that! Without even kicking up the volume the FX do the work! Because we could do this all day!

“Not only am I a member I am also the foley artist, sound producer, the sound designer, the beat wizard, loop maker, and I get to hold the microphone, press the play button, hit the record button, break crap, through stuff around, and put the headphones on!”

Download royalty free sound effects to use for any project! Use the big sound effects for beefy stuff.. use the little ones for hard to reach places! 😉 Get the audio you want and leave the sounds you don’t! Get to editing and download your royalty free sound effects fast! Over a million high quality sound effects take up no room at all! Now thats the power of premium sound effects! Any project big or small.. sound effects do it all! Are you one of the amateurs guilty of jacking sound effects? Sound effects Podcast has it all! You could spent thousands on Loop and FX CDs.. but call download now and make your own royalty sound effects for FREE! Yes you get it all for Free 99.. F R E E 99! Download right now now!!

Guaranteed to rust bust and collect dust because that what crap does!

Download Today’s Royalty Free Sound Effects

  • free tools sound effects working with garage tools
  • free truck engine sounds
  • free truck exhaust sound effects
  • Download the Royalty Free Truck Sound Effects from today’s podcast!
  • Download even more free SFX here.



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