Free Forging Metal Blacksmith Metallurgy Sound Effects

Written by: SFX Ninja

Looking for some free forging sounds, hitting metal, blacksmith, or metallurgy audio for your podcast or video production? Today’s list of downloadable free audio includes a nice 14 second clip of forging audio with a hammer striking an anvil while working on a seriously hot piece of steel.. banging the knife blade (metal file). Download the Free mp3 sounds here from podcast episode 007 Recording Forging Metal and Blacksmith Sound Effects. Don’t forget the awesome torch / flaming forge sound that kind of sounds like a jet engine. Download the number of free sound effects that were recorded while Shea forged as a bladesmith.. creating a wide range of banging and clanging anvil sounds. My personal favorite was the rapid sizzling and cooling down audio recorded while the metal blade was quenched in the bucket of water. If your looking for random metal clanking, clinking, or other various banging free sound effects then download them here.


Listen to the Free Forging sounds as they were recorded on the show!


Here is a list of the free blacksmith metal sound effects you can download in mp3 format:

  1. quenching metal water sound effects
  2. hammer hit anvil sample
  3. random hammers on anvil
  4. forge metal clang sounds
  5. forge clunk clank fx
  6. fire torch sound effects
  7. free forging metal sounds – extended sample
  8. free hammer forging anvil sound
  9. metal hit rattle sfx
  10. hammer mallet hitting wood

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