Free Bird Sound Effects – From Podcast 13

Written by: SFX Ninja

Bird chirping sound effects can be hard to catch but you can download them here for free! I got lucky when the rain settled down and the birds chirping sounds were going like there was no tomorrow so I grabbed the microphone. Download all of the free bird sound effects that were recorded live for episode 13 of the podcast. Listen as I give you some pointers on how to record bird sounds.

Use these free bird sound effects and download them  to use in your audio productions. Just please give credit of some kind back to the Sound Effects Podcast in some form or another. The sounds may not be redistributed or resold in their present form. If you make some music or other multimedia (audio / video, etc.) then the free bird sounds on this page are royalty free to use. Back links are always awesome! Learn more about the use of these free sound effects on the Legal page.


Listen to the Birds Chirping Sounds as they were recorded on the show

  • Episode 13 – Recording Bird Sound Effects – How To Record Bird Sounds & Make Chirping Sound Effects.


Here is a list of the free birds sound effects you can download in mp3 format:

  1. Free Bird Chirp Sound Effects 1
  2. Free Bird Chirp Sound Effects 2
  3. Free Bird Chirp Sound Effects 3
  4. Free Bird Chirp Sound Effects 4
  5. Free Ambient Bird Sounds Loop

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