Free Listener Call In Vocal Samples & Sound Effects by You!

Written by: Sound Effects Podcast Listners & SFX Ninja

This page was created as a special thank you for all you listeners and fans of the Sound Effects Podcast! All of the free sound clips and vocal samples are called in and recorded by YOU guys (for listeners by listeners)! Download all of the free people talking vocal samples, sound effects, and sound clips here to use in your music, videos, or whatever you want. Please credit the member/listener when creating your work. Thank you so much you guys!! You are awesome and you are Ninjas!! If you get some good use out of the sound clips please help the artist that called in the sound effect clip(s) by giving them credit. You can also help support the podcast with a back link and tell your friends on Facebook to check us out! All of these free vocal samples and sound recordings are called in by podcast listeners through SpeakPipe. Because the call ins are recorded through SpeakPipe they are low quality mp3 and vocal samples and vocal recordings are recommended but if you call in “sound effects” they will be included here too. The vocal samples MUST be of your voice and by Calling In your samples / sound effects you agree to the Terms Of Use displayed on the legal page.

Want to be featured on an upcoming Podcast Episode with your sound?!!?!! Click on the TAB to the RIGHT of this page and Record Your Vocal Samples, Shout Outs, and Sound Effects! Your Call In sound clips will be featured on the show and you will get full credit here!! —–> Click on the ORANGE Tab —–> Start Recording —–> Re-Record All you Want —–> Send it in —–> Get Featured on the Podcast! NEW vocal samples and SFX are given NUMBER 1 placement and rotated down to position 2, 3, 4, etc as NEW samples are Called In.. so CALL IN every week!


Download These Free Vocal Samples & Sound Effects

  1. 99 Sound Effects But A Mic Aint One ~ by SFX Ninja (show 24)
  2. 99 Filters But A Switch Aint One ~ by SFX Ninja (show 24)
  3. 99 Knobs But A Switch Aint One ~ by SFX Ninja (show 24)
  4. Are You Ready ~ by SFX Ninja (show 23)
  5. Now Is The Time ~ by SFX Ninja (show 23)
  6. Its Time ~ by SFX Ninja (show 23)
  7. The Sky Went Boom ~ by SFX Ninja (show 22)
  8. The Sky Went Boom  & people sound effects ~ by SFX Ninja (show 22)
  9. 3 2 1 GO!!! ~ by SFX Ninja (show 22)
  10. Jingle balls 1 ~ Funny Vocal Sample ~ by SFX Ninja (show 21)
  11. Jingle dis Santa 1 ~ Funny Vocal Sample ~ by SFX Ninja (show 21)
  12. Jingle dis Santa 2 ~ Funny Vocal Sample ~ by SFX Ninja (show 21)
  13. Hey Look! there making another left turn ~ Funny Vocal Sample ~ by SFX Ninja (show 20)
  14. Ding Ding Ding we have a WINNER! ~ Funny Vocal Sample ~ by SFX Ninja (show 20)