Free Metal Sound Effects – Scrape Ding Gong Scratch Drag

Written by: SFX Ninja

Looking for some really cool and unusual metal sound effects for your next cutting edge industrial music track or flash video? Everyday metal sounds recorded in high quality 16khz 44.1 stereo. The full list of free metal scraping, ding, gongs, clang, bang, dong, bonk, bending, and folding sounds can be found here. Listen to the Sound Effects Podcast where everything recorded comes to life on the show including the source audio and field recordings. If you create something cool please email back a link of your work! Your work will be featured on an upcoming show and you will get featured with your new song, video, app, or game!


Download more Free Metal Related Sound Effects

Here is a list of Free Metal Sounds for download:

  1. Keys Jingling 1 “jingle keys” promo