Free Historical Sound Effects from the past – Time Travel Tuesday

Written by: SFX Ninja

Historical sounds and audio from the past often bring back a memory or thoughts from a time gone by. The sound effects here are from the series of “Time Travel Tuesday” podcast episodes. If you are wondering just what is Time Travel Tuesday then check out any of the podcast episodes listed below. Each episode focuses on three elements – History, Audio (sound effects), and a Story. All of the sounds have history and they all have a story to tell so grab your seat.. the micro time machine streaming by way of the Flux Capacitor into your ears is about to start!

As always please feel free to download the free sounds and use them in your audio productions. All I ask is that you give a credit of some kind back to the Sound Effects Podcast in some form. The sounds may not be redistributed or resold in their present form. but If you make a song (with a lot of other tracks) or some other multimedia project then the historical sounds here are royalty free to use.. Links would be awesome!


Hear the stories in the Time Travel Tuesday podcast episodes

  • Episode 008 – The very hungry bug where a mosquito actually bites the microphone. Yes you can hear it!
  • Episode 10 – Grandpa’s Pocket Watch was passed down 3 generations from when my granddad worked in the coal mines.


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