Free Fireworks Sound Effects

Written by: SFX Ninja

Download all of these free New Year and 4th of July Fireworks sound effects. Take a listen to some of the distant fireworks sounds from New Years Eve 2013 in episode 1 and also the new fireworks explosion sounds from show 22 (New Years Eve 2000). Preview all of the explosion sounds and sfx below. Download the free fireworks explosion and boom sound effects to use in your videos, games, or music tracks. These sounds were recorded live just after midnight in an average suburban back yard New Years Eve Fireworks Podcast 1 and also in New Years Eve 2000 Fireworks Show 22.

Deep compression was used on some of the audio because of the distance but a couple of extra sounds were added from a New Years Eve recording a lot closer from years ago (Podcast 22). If you have a question or comment get in contact with me! Download the premium quality royalty free sound clips below for your projects Learn more see the Terms Of Use page for copyright and usage info. If you like these fireworks sounds then check out episodes 1 and 22 of the Sound Effects Podcast while they were recorded!

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Download these Free Fireworks Sound Effects from the Podcast

  1. New Years 2013 Music from episode 1 of the podcast
  2. Explosions Distant Fireworks Sound 2
  3. Fireworks Sound Effect 4
  4. Fireworks Sound effects 3
  5. Explosions distant fireworks sounds 3
  6. Explosions distant fireworks audio 1
  7. Fireworks & Siren sound effects
  8. Siren boom loop
  9. Phaser bilp loop
  10. Boom fireworks car alarm
  11. Boom fireworks car alarm 2
  12. Fireworks sparkler in the sky sounds
  13. New Years eve fireworks scattered
  14. New Years eve fireworks scattered 2


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