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This is some of the music that I have made over the years. There were a few DJ name changes but hey.. now I am Ninja!! You can hear the electronic music – ambient, drum and bass, trip hop, dance, trance, electronica, experimental, and a little more in these tracks. More free music will be added so please visit again in the future. If you like the music and the podcast please tell a friend! Thanks for listening. – Just added the Funny Spoof Commercial about Sound Effects from episode 15 of the Podcast.

A special thank you to EHR and thatjeffcarter on FreeSound.org for use of their vocal samples & sound effects from the free sound project (used in track 1. White rabbit Asylum).

Music, Songs, Soundtracks, & Intro Music Listed In Order

  1. White Rabbit Asylum – My most recent track with a deep dark underground NYC club feel to it.
  2. Black Ice – Somewhat inspired from theme tracks from the Matrix trilogy and my sound effects
  3. Jedi Roller Skates – Has almost a bouncy club feel to it with major sub bass
  4. Indiana Jones 3000 – A steady Drum N Bass track with theatrical undertones and whipping hooks
  5. The Creator – Electronic / Grunge music at its finest mixing together a Sci Fi feel from my sample CDs
  6. Showdown – Was inspired from my late weekend nights hanging out with car clubs and street racers 😛
  7. Grand Theft Auto – Is a nice melding of electronic music and some of the many samples recorded over the years
  8. Love And Sadness – A nice Downtempo roller coaster ride of love track laden with emotion after a breakup
  9. Catch The Wind – My very first track ever made (15 years ago) also played during the opening set for local rave
  10. Generation X – Genetically Engineered to Bounce – Inspired after reading an article about Generation X
  11. Pulling Bamboo – Demo song put together using a lot of SFX from pulling bamboo from a very wet yard
  12. The Shit – Was inspired after people calling my answering machine (back in the day) over and over.
  13. Funny Commercial – This was a funny “spoof” infomercial for selling sound effects I made for an episode
  14. Intro Music – Demos (tracks 15-23) for upcoming section on Podcast intros and outros

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