Free Video Game Sound Effects

Written by: SFX Ninja

Video Games just like any other multimedia demand a diverse array of sound effects and game music to complete the gamer’s total experience. Here is a small collection of free sounds from podcast episode 006 – working with and creating video game sound effects and also podcast episode 009 creating video game music. These free samples were recorded and created by the SFX Ninja over the years. You can download these free sound effects to use in your electronic music, video, or other projects. Here are some of the samples included in the list of free audio downloads from the video game shows: the sci fi laser gun blast sound, a huge monster yelling, a crazy person screaming, crickets & cicadas sounds, large and small dogs barking, a person walking / sloshing water, and two free versions of the ambient mic bonk audio clips. You can download these free samples and loops here in high quality 16khz 44.1 stereo .wav  or .mp3 format. Preview the free sound effects by clicking on the preview.

The several vocal Sound effects of game on and game over have been added to this audio library from show # 009. If you want to hear more about how you can create video game music then listen to how SFX Ninja used the massive number of samples – close to 70 sound effects in total – to create.. the video game example in show # 006.


Check out how the Free Gaming Sounds were created & used in the show

  • Creating Video Game Sound Effects podcast episode 006 – here the landscape of audio clips, almost 70 sound effects used!!
  • Creating Video Game Music in podcast episode 009


Here is a list of the free video game sound effects you can download in mp3 format:

  1. free laser gun burst sound effect
  2. ambient mic bonk chorus fx
  3. ambient mic bonk delay fx
  4. free sloshing walking water sounds
  5. video game monster fx
  6. video game monster sound effects
  7. free crazy person scream sound effects
  8. free cicadas crickets sounds
  9. free dog bark sound effect
  10. dogs barking sounds
  11. game on vocal samples
  12. game over vocal samples

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