Featured Artist Interview: Kon Karne Electronic Music & Synth Musician

Join us today for a special featured synth artist and musician interview with Kon Karne about his music, new album Karpe Noktem, and his recent experience with Kickstarter. Today the Sound Effects Podcast kicks the year off right interviewing a great electronic musician and artist Lucas also known as Kon Karne. With his well crafted unique depth of authentic 80’s synth sound similar to that of John Carpenter’s earlier works, Kon Karne’s music grabs you with a well balanced dimension of a futures edge like Tron. As I plugged in the ear buds and hit the play button Kon Karne’s music made me think of the 80’s synth pop and the wild wild hair adorned by MTV generation DJs and the pioneers of electronic music. These same musicians would evolve the electronic music scene morphing into dance, trance, house, rave, and all of the modern spinoffs of DNB and dubstep. Lucas aka Kon Karne is an artist with a strong grasp of classical music and is able to tap into his roots of jazz while still bringing that classic funk of the 80’s synth sound of which conjure up fond memories.

Take a listen as Lucas takes time to share some of his journey from early beginnings to his new album Karpe Noktem on Kickstarter. Enjoy one of his tracks “Never Hold Back” played during the show and listen how he incorporates the sound effects of a fierce thunderstorm with lightning strikes. From the interview: “Kon Karne’s music is like sitting in a Napolian Dynamite lime green chair watching Tron through NEON hot pink MTV sunglasses”! His subtle blend of guitar pedal combinations and tweaking the filters down on the Tron kind of audio makes for a really good listing experience. Taking the time to record some of his tracks down to oldschool Walkman cassette tapes (for example )..  AND THEN bringing the audio back to the future for modern computer based digital mastering truly speaks for Kon Karne’s attention to detail and authenticity as an artist.

I am a huge fan of the Tron soundtrack, lightening sound effects, and cool electronic music in general so as I listened to DJ Kon Karne I could hear every 80’s soft synth and arpeggio loop with appreciation. As a listener you can tell his music isn’t just about the 80’s its also about not forgetting where we came from and Kon Karne’s synth music is a clear glimpse back to that time.


Today’s Featured Music by Musician & Artist: Kon Karne

  • Featured music track “Never Hold Back” by Lucas aka Kon Karne played during the the show.


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  • Check out Kon Karne‘s site to learn more about this fascinating musician and his music!
  • Be part of history in the making help support his Kickstarter and his new album Karpe Noktem!
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