Grandpa’s Pocket Watch Sounds from the past – Episode10

Creating historical sound effects is easy when your working with an antique Biltmore silver tone dollar pocket watch. Keeping with the historical sounds in today’s podcast we step back in time with my great grandpa’s pocket watch making sound effects and telling the story. Listen to the series of sound effects recorded from this cool old watch that really has a lot of character and history. Years ago I used to want to work on and fix pocket watches but never really go into it but went instead toward recording audio, creating electronic music, and.. making pocket watch sound effects.

Hear the ticking in the background and other pocket watch sounds as I share some stories of how this third generation watch came to be passed down through the years. Put the coo coo clock down because the ticking sounds from today’s podcast of Time Travel Tuesday go beyond the boundaries of the flux capacitor.. time is slowed down, flipped around, and spun around through a small segment of audio recorded from my grandpa’s old pocket watch.

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