How To Record Bird Sounds & Make Chirping Sound Effects – Show 13

I woke up yesterday morning to birds chirping and bird sounds just outside the front door so I grabbed the microphone to recorded some sound effects. Awakening to a mild drizzle from an early morning rain gave way to the sound effects of small birds chirping as I stretched to take on the day. Recording natures wild life sounds no matter how small make for some cool audio clips anytime you can catch them. Yes this is a suburban cookie cutter jungle filled with concrete bricks, vinyl siding, and scattered picket fences but nature’s bird chirping sound effects are always a welcome breath of fresh air! If your wondering how to record bird sounds then read on and listen to today’s podcast!

Walking toward the kitchen and the bird sounds got louder. The little birds were chirping like crazy making a lot of sound effects! As I looked outside the window you could see that they had taken shelter from the rain in a bush just outside the door. There must have been a dozen of them all chirping away making some cool bird songs and sounds. As if you had to be in the know with an invite only to an exclusive club “Chirp Town” was right outside the window and the DJ (or um.. BlueJ) was spinning all the hits: Bird Chirp Sounds, Birds Chirping Sounds, Chirping Birds Sound Effects, Bird Tweet Audio, Bird Sound Effects, oh and the ever popular Rocking Robin tweet tweet! “It was groovy man” lol

Learning how to record bird sound effects is easy and any sound designer can do it. Any time your recording nature or animal sounds your stepping into the wild so to speak. Aside from learning the absolute basics of how to record bird sounds there is one other critically important element. Critical thinking skills and your brain! Consider yourself lucky if nature’s birds land in front of your microphone right when you hit the record button. It does happen though 🙂

In order to make professionally recorded bird sounds it takes patience and critical thinking skills. Medium distant bird calls are easy but if your going to record clean clear bird sound effects minus the over abundant amount of common background noise then use your brain. Using your critical thinking skills is where the art of sound design comes into play and brings the bird sounds to you! The question of how to record bird sounds can be challenging if your working with distant birds or a lot of ambient noise. When learning how to record bird sounds ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Where would be the best place to put my microphone and at what angle to get the best bird sound effects?
  • When is the best time to catch birds sound effects?
  • Could you set the recorder and microphone in place for an extended time and possibly put out some bird seed for example?
  • Whats the weather like or will it be windy? – wind can ruin awesome bird sound effects fast!

Bird sounds are good to have in your animal sound effects library because they are common sounds. This is important to keep in your collection because when common sounds or even uncommon sound effects are needed then chances are your all set to begin production instead of wasting valuable project time scouring the web. If your deadline is close or you need a quick turnaround for pre-production or post-production a well rounded and professionally recorded bird sounds can make a huge difference!


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