MUSIC: New Talent Spotted on Looperman using SFX- Show 11

DJs, electronic musicians, and aspiring artists often have a few things in common but in the world of the sound effects makers the musical side is often left out. I recently discovered a site called where the stage has been set for new talent to to hear and be heard. Musicians post their tracks, loops / sound effects, and collaboration requests plus have access to a wealth of knowledge on the forums. The talented tracks being produced by these DJs and artists is really impressive! The mainstream music industry doesn’t have a clue..

Weather your music has organic sound effects, well crafted layers of processed musical effects, or a massive numbers of loops – talent is required to produce a great track! The artists and talent on looperman are definitely worth a listen. Most of us have heard of Sound Cloud but when surfing the net a couple of weeks ago the music by the creative minds and artists on looperman really surprised me. As a musician training your brain and ears to spot what others miss when working with sound effects is where the art in artist comes in. The music heard in today’s podcast really nailed it!

Episode 11 of the Sound Effects Podcast takes you on a ride to looperman with some of the very cool and creative musical landscapes by way of the ear as the artists really step it up a notch by adding sound effects to their music. Listen closely to each artist’s track as their finely chilled and crafted musical works each spin a story across a landscape of sound effects.

Permission was obtained from each of the artists on looperman to play their music and tracks on the podcast. If you would like to learn  more about the artist’s music and songs played check out the links below and go download their mp3 tracks. Do you make tunes? If your a musician or DJ making music with sound effects contact me. Include a link to your songs you think would like to have featured on the show.



Today’s Featured MP3 Music Tracks and Artists in the Order Played:

  • Demo music track Pulling Bamboo by SFX Ninja with organic sound effects from the show.
  1. Summer Thunderstorm Ft Short Bus Music by phatkatz4 – Maine, USA
  2. Downtown Drifter by SS3LDOG – Alberta, Canada
  3. Stoned The Crows by Darkreine – Paris, France


Resources, Links, and Credits for Today’s Podcast..

  • The image used for today’s podcast episode was used with permission from
  • If you are an Artist or DJ making your own music and want to be heard contact me with a link!
  • Connect with SFX Ninja and the Sound Effects Podcast on looperman.
  • Check out the bamboo around my container garden – story about Pulling Bamboo demo song.

NOTE: Free “bamboo” sound effects to download – link will be here


Check out and Download the demo track Pulling Bamboo by SFX Ninja. If you like the track please drop a comment for the show!


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