Recording Clean Bathroom Sound Effects and Audio

Today the Sound Effects Podcast ventures into the bathroom recording the many little bits of audio we normally just take for granted. Most of us start the day off by heading to the bathroom, getting a shower, and taking care of business so to speak. Well this is a clean podcast so I’ll spare you anything overboard in the way of SFX but I will guarantee you a couple of sounds that you probably never heard before.. what are these unusual gems of audio you ask?

Well the house I live in is a bit old (not one of the modern houses spit out in an endless assembly line of your run of the mill “cookie cutter” homes today. Aside from the traditional sounds you might hear, sink water, toilet flush, and so on. This house has a small folding shower door and a very old (probably original) vent fan. These are the two sound effects that stood out in my mind for this episode but hey.. you be the judge and tap on the play button for some clean entertainment in the!


Listen to and Download Today’s Audio on The Free Sound Effects Page..

  • Bathroom Door open & closing
  • The Sink faucet & water
  • Folding Shower Door
  • Toilet Flushing
  • Light Switch flipping on and off
  • Medicine Cabinet with Sliding Mirror Door
  • An old Wooden Medicine Cabinet Door opening & closing
  • Shower Water and Draining
  • Plus a LOT more – 20 Free Bathroom Sound Effects available to download today!

Special Bonus Audio & Quick Tips for Today’s Podcast..

  • Listen and learn very quick tips for creating a loop from any clip of audio
  • Follow along with the basic step by step example of looping a sound effect at different stages
  • Pick up tips during the podcast for recording multiple takes / times per session


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