Recording Fireworks Audio on New Years

Recording the many exploding fireworks sounds and massive ambiance of the New Year amidst the chill of a deep winters midnight air requires a little bit of battling the elements but well worth it in the end. The audio and SFX you gain for this once a year event make it a no brainer for those dedicated to the art of sound design.

If you are an amateur in the world of recording folly or you all about the electronic scene of the loops in the music then this may just be the podcast for you. Go grab your ear buds, headphones, or speakers.. the show kicking off 2013 on new years night is set to play! Take a listen to today’s show the first ever Sound Effects Podcast episode 1.

Listen to and Download Today’s Audio on The Free Sound Effects Page…

  • Explosions and distant fireworks sounds
  • Fireworks Sound Effects
  • More Fireworks SFX
  • More distant explosion audio
  • New Years Fireworks and sirens
  • A cool “siren boom” loop
  • A phaser type audio bit created from a firework and editing in Sound Forge


Special Bonus Music Track for Today’s Podcast..

  • Take a listen the short example song New Years 2013 Music
  • Here a quick example of how ambient sounds can really add depth to your music
  • Get creative with the free fireworks audio and make you own custom tracks


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