Recording forging metal and metallurgy sounds with Shea the blacksmith

Today the SFX Ninja takes the podcast out recording live audio during an interview making blacksmith, metal, and forging sound effects with my neighbor Shea the bladesmith. Join us this episode as I interview my neighbor Shea while he forges a knife out of a metal file. Any time someone has a passion for something it really shows and as  a Ninja of sound effects I was very grateful for him to take time to share his knowledge and skill with

Shea would say he is an amateur blacksmith / bladesmith but I would say he was a true blacksmith. After years of study, trial and error, and hands on experience Shea is living the dream of following your passion in your spare time. Listen while I record live blacksmith sounds as he explains some of the terms like grain structure, methods of working as a blacksmith & bladesmith, and how to get started. A little background Shea is a family man with a full life with a wife, kids, and full work schedule but I was very grateful for him to take the time to share his passion with us and allow me to interview him for the Sound Effects Podcast. About half of the free sound effects for today’s episode were taken from the in between words during the interview. The rest of the free metal and metallurgy sounds for download were recorded after the interview where I was able to get some more great blacksmith sound effects.

As mentioned during the podcast I will be adding another podcast per week to add to the number of episodes on a regular basis. Stay tuned here or check out the Sound Effects Podcast on Itunes. Also please check out episode 009 making video game music.. it was going to be posted today but has been postponed for next weeks show.

If you would like to search through and download more FREE Sound Effects please check out all of the free audio from different episodes.


Download Today’s Audio on The Free Sound Effects Page..

  • Various Blacksmith and Metallurgy Sounds
  • A Dog Bark sound – a part of audio that was used to make the Monster Sound Effect
  • Sloshing walking in Water Sounds
  • Banging Anvil and Blacksmith Forging Metal audio
  • Sizzling rapid cool down blacksmith SFX
  • Download all 10 Free Metal Forging Sound Effects available from today’s podcast!


Resources, Links, and Credits for Today’s Podcast..

  • If you would like to learn more about blade making American Bladesmith Society
  • I was not able to find much online about Jim Arbuckle but did find this page with a brief bio.
  • Learn more about William Scagel one of the master knife makers Shea spoke about on the podcast.


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