Recording Winter Sounds from Snowballs to Fireplace Audio

Join us today as the Sound Effects Podcast explores the cool side of recording winter sounds. A rare snow storm gently grazed our area overnight with the silent beauty of a few inches of snow. For sound designers and anyone looking to record the winter audio that makes its way to your back yard.. go grab your microphone and start the fire in the fireplace. Get bundled up and join the SFX Ninja as we head out into the cold for some fresh seasonal / winter sfx.

First off we record some walking and jogging through the snow while casually passing through shallow puddles and over gravel. Next get your gloves on because the SFX Ninja records sound effects while making and throwing snowballs. Then listen as we head over to my neighbors house recording shoveling snow audio. The rest of the sound effects for the show takes place out back.. over to the wood pile and then into the house to warm up with fire sounds. Don’t forget to check out the FREE Sound Effects page to download these winter sounds plus the hissing fireplace and a lot more audio from today’s podcast!

Download Today’s Audio on The Free Sound Effects Page..

  • Walking in Snow Sounds
  • Shoveling Snow Audio
  • Folding Shower Door
  • Gathering Wood and Woodpile Sound Effects
  • Throwing Snowball SFX
  • Various Winter Sounds from outside
  • Download all 11 Free Winter Sound Effects available from today’s podcast!

Special Bonus Audio Segment for Today’s Podcast..

  • Hear how you can use ANY sound.. in this case the sound of a snowball breaking apart after it hit the fence.. and create some odd loops.
  • Listen to the sound of a microphone slowly lowered down to a gentle “bonk” sound. Then hear how this sound will be explored with in the next podcast episode 006 Recording Video Game Sound Effects and Music. Metroid anyone?


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