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Featured Artist Interview: Kon Karne Electronic Music & Synth Musician

Join us today for a special featured synth artist and musician interview with Kon Karne about his music, new album Karpe Noktem, and his recent experience with Kickstarter. Today the Sound Effects Podcast kicks the year off right...

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MUSIC: New Talent Spotted on Looperman using SFX- Show 11

DJs, electronic musicians, and aspiring artists often have a few things in common but in the world of the sound effects makers the musical side is often left out. I recently discovered a site called where the stage...

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Creating the right Video Game Music is an essential element

Video game music in today’s gaming industry all but demands you be on the cutting edge as a sound designer. All gaming sounds and audio effects need to be on point. The level of intense graphics in today’s systems...

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