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Download 99 FREE Sound Effects BUT A MIC AINT ONE – Podcast 24

Today’s show is kicking it with a mix of roughly 99 free sound effects from all of the previous episodes here on the Sound Effects Podcast. Episode 24 is a sampling of sorts from the VAST array of field recordings and on...

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Royalty Free Sound Effects Series – Walking & House Sounds Podcast 16

Today on the podcast we go on a walk to the neighbors house. The free sound effects and sound clips can be used free for all of your projects absolutely royalty free.  You can download these high quality stock audio clips and...

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Download Royalty Free Sound Effects EVERY WEEK – Podcast 15

EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT and a special thank you for listeners of the Sound Effects Podcast community. Now you can download high quality stock audio clips and royalty free sound effects every week with a new weekly sound effects...

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