The Sound Effects Podcast – Past, Present, & Future Growing Forward

Join us today as we head out on the road in my car recording the Sound Effects Podcast live while sharing my thoughts about the show inspired from a dream I had the other night about The Tree of Life. This is a very special podcast episode with a few entertaining interruptions.. anytime the show is recorded live funny is bound to happen with life’s randomness 😉 Its been a while and its time to get this show on the road because you guys deserve the very best in SFX and as a very special token of my appreciation I am planning some big contests and giveaways for 2015 along with a lot more for 2015!! The sound quality might not be the norm but the funny moments and raw insight into the Past, Present, and Future growing forward with the Sound Effects Podcast make today’s episode worth a listen.

What does dreaming about a tree or The Tree of Life have to do with the Sound Effects Podcast? A lot of times they say when we dream it is our subconscious working overtime on things in our waking life.. and because I work with and create free sound effects for you guys as the SFX Ninja the podcast and the recent site overhaul was heavily on my mind. The dream realm had a number of symbolic references and meanings still yet to interpreted but this one about the Tree of Life stood out. After a quick search the web brought up a wide array of links but most all of them pointed toward a tree in general.

Even though there were no amazing crazy funny SFX or wow moments the significance of the tree in relation to the fact that a lot of my waking energy and time was going to gearing the Sound Effects Podcast, more new high quality SFX, and website up for re-launch was enlightening because I knew my subconscious was kicked into overdrive. Upon waking up the conscious mind was able to take the main point(s) of the dream world and in this case at the base root of it all was.. no pun intended.. wait for it.. a tree. A tree’s roots represent the past, the trunk that of the present, and the trees branches are representative of the future. So all of that being said I believe this was tying into all of the time and effort I have been putting into examining the past, present state of, and future direction of the podcast and free sound effects from each show for you guys going forward.

If your a long time follower of the show or a big fan of the free sound effects here you may have noticed many recent updates. A major overhaul of the site has indeed been taking place. This includes all of the links, updating images for episodes that had none, a general redesign of the site logos colors etc, and taking a very good long hard look at the free Sound Effects (file sizes, projected number of sounds, length of the free audio clips, & audio quality) offered on the free SFX page. To sum it up the SFX Ninja has been working a LOT on critically analyzing the past, present, and future direction of the podcast. My goal is to make this the best free sound effects podcast show online along with the best free and premium resources for all of you sound designers just starting out as well as those of you that are seeking high quality sound effects for your videos, podcast intro music & sound effects, and to maintain a high level of absolute solid fun and entertainment on a regular basis.

Addressing the present state of the podcast and the foundation of free sounds for you guys before moving forward. Temporary podfading is what happened and this is what I am trying to avoid in the future. A lot of podcasts out there do this sooner or later but they say as long as you get back up no mater what it is you are doing your still in the game! The time is now to begin again for more free sound effects so you can continue to sharpen your skills as a SFX Ninja! If you haven’t already listen to this weeks show and please check out the links from today’s show notes for more info on the free sound effects mentioned in today’s podcast episode.

Highlights from today’s show – Past, Present, & Future Growing Forward

  • Today’s show recorded live with the microphone hanging from the rear view mirror driving down the road
  • A special thank you to all the listeners of the show with the NEW Listener Call In vocal samples & SFX page
  • Major overhaul of the site fixing sound effects download links, pages, images, and a lot more!
  • Searching deep examining the past, present, and future growing forward for the podcast
  • Signup for the Sound Effects Podcast Newsletter to get exclusive first hand access to insider news and giveaways
  • SpeakPipe – Call in and leave a voice mail, a podcast shout out, or record your questions & comments to get on the show
  • Be a Ninja! Get full credit and be included with the new Call in Sound Effects page for listeners Recorded by listeners just like you!
  • Special thanks to XMAN for the (2) Sony Microphones from the flea market to record new sound effects & for giveaways
  • Ideas spinning for 2015 contests and giveaways (Microphones, Recorder(s), and a Numark Axis 8 CD Turntable) for the podcast
  • Various entertainment while interrupted by phone calls (recording the podcast live)
  • New in 2015 SFX Ninja will be available for Professional Audio services including custom podcast intros & outros
  • December 2014 Call to action for all YOU Sound Effects Ninjas – SFX of “Jingle Keys” (your keys jingling) are NEEDED!
  • A quick recap of show highlights about the Sound Effects Podcast and regular weekly episodes on Wednesdays


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December Call to Action

Click on the ORANGE button to the right of the site —–> and CALL IN by phone, skype, or your computer. RECORD and Re-Record sound effects of your keys jingling “Jingle Keys”, call in a shout out, or record some cool vocal samples for the brand new Listener Call In page. Also surf the site for many updates and new SFX. All download free sound effects links are now fixed and just waiting for you to em check out!