Thunderstorm Sound Effects – How To Show Recorded LIVE!!

Thunderstorm sound effects are excellent for setting a mood in all kinds of media, but recording the illusive great lightning strikes and thunderstorm sounds can be a challenge. All of these elements: thunderstorm, sound effects, rain, recording, how to, and a few other variables can be challenging to work with when you first start out collecting audio fx.. timing is a big one! Any time a good thunderstorm rolls through awesome sound effects and plenty of rain are sure to follow. If you record nature, rain, or lightning / thunder sounds you know just how hard it can be to catch a good fierce thunderstorm. They say you have to be in the right place at the right time! The opportunity had come and a fierce thunderstorm was roaring my way. I grabbed my microphone to get some good thunderstorm audio no matter what! I decided to try something different this weekend. Today’s how to recording thunderstorm sounds LIVE in my back yard for today’s podcast show – Episode 12 – turned out to be great timing with microphone in hand!

The right time to record came late on a Saturday afternoon when I started hearing thunderstorm sounds and a little bit of rain on the roof. Heading out to the garage with the door open turned out to be the perfect spot to catch a thunderstorm sound effect or FEW!! It turned out to be quite a show as the sky lit up, shimmering rain drops hit the ground, and thunder sounds cracked overhead. The lightning strikes hit from all around so this turned out to be an awesome storm for recording. A fierce thunderstorm is always cool and adding even a little bit of this awesome audio can have a strong impact on any listener. Just the right finishing touches on a fresh track with a beautifully recorded thunderstorm fx or two really heighten your senses.

Its funny how a beautifully recorded thunder storm and sound effects can give you time to think. As I enjoyed natures fury this fine stormy day from the comfort of a nice dry spot in the garage I remembered a few stories from my past. Join us as I share some of these stories. Mother natures light show seemed to strangely play in tune along with the sound effects right on cue as I shared the stories.

If you really liked the thunder and lightning strike sounds from today’s podcast stay tuned.. More of the sound effects from the show will be available 2014 in High Quality 44.1 WAV format for download (a link will be added HERE).


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