Time Travel Tuesday – Sounds from the past and a very hungry Bug!

Sounds from the past can spark a memory, peek curiosity, and provide the listener with lot of entertainment if presented the right way. You may have noticed the Sound Effects Podcast is already breaking new ground in the audio production world with an actual podcast and show about.. recording, editing, and all things audio. As the SFX Ninja of the Clan of Sound Design I am adding a new segment to the weekly lineup of podcast episodes called “Time Travel Tuesday”.

For the first edition we travel back to the year 1999.. the season was in heat of a very hot summer, and the place was somewhere in North or South Carolina on the east coast USA. Today’s podcast episode 008 – Time Travel Tuesday Sounds from the past and a very hungry Bug is about a mosquito that landed on, bit the microphone, and flew off. This clip is kind of like a blooper or unexpected surprise because I was originally there to record crickets and cicada sound effects.

Time Travel Tuesday will be an ongoing regular show here on the Sound Effects Podcast that will focus on 3 main elements – History, Sound, and Story. For instance lets imagine an old working Ford Model T car to use as an example.

  1. Each show will focus on the History of an item or previously recorded sound(s).
  2. The Sound / audio clip will either have been recorded at some point in the past OR will be recorded (AHUUGA HONK! of the horn) sound effects for the Time Travel Tuesday weekly episode.
  3. There will be a compelling Story about the item used to make sound effects or the historical audio clip.

As a sound designer you must always try to be aware of each moment and all of the possible sound effects you can record. Future history and all of life is in session.. are you listening? Training your ears to hear what others take for granted as just everyday life will help you build your skills AND your own audio library of original sound effects. Plus as an added bonus you will find that a lot of times random and many very cool unexpected sounds will be recorded for use in your future audio productions. If you enjoyed this podcast and have any questions or comments please post it!


– SFX Ninja



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